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Reno Dreams Review | Jennifer & Remi

Reno Dreams is very different than your ‘typical’ reno company.  

All of the payment schedules were detailed and copies provided, all permits required pulled (also something that in our experience doesn’t always happen, even with the big companies but these permits are about protecting the consumer) and a guarantee in writing that everyone has been paid for their work, again something unheard of to me.  

Jennifer and Remi, Winnipeg

My experience before Reno Dreams, was that many of the other people I’ve hired weren’t reliable.  

They didn’t keep to their word or follow through on what they promised to do or they charged more than they originally quoted and those types of issues. The big difference with them, for me based on my past experiences, was that they showed up when they said they would and a big one too, was their TimeLock guarantee.

Reno Dreams Reviews | Hailey | WinnipegHailey, Winnipeg

RenoDreams offered us warranty for the completed job, which just shows how confident they are in their work. Lets face it. In case of the unexpected, I have nothing to worry about because I know their team is only a phone call away….

….Did I mention how neat the project (and site) was? Their crew made sure to clean up after each day’s work, which really impressed me.

Lovelyn, Winnipeg

The team at RenoDreams completed a roofing project for my rental property. 

I was pleasantly surprised when they refunded some money, as they were able to save me money every step of the way; It’s hard to find trustworthy folks like these nowadays. 

Thank you for everything. I would recommend them any day, any time.”

Osfio, Winnipeg
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So you have decided to invest in your home in the form of  quality renovations.

Who you choose to work with on your vision can make all the difference between a great project and one you wish to forget about. Aside from the quality of our work, we also offer a few things to give you peace of mind including giving a guarantee for when we will complete your project.

And if we fail to meet the timeline we set for your project, you get to pay less past the deadline.

From additions, bathrooms, to basements, kitchens, and everything in between, we will provide professional service and quality work. (You can also ask us about our price protection on your renovation project).

  • For small renovations that are below $9,000, please refer to our Professional Handyman Division (find out here). You also get warranty on our Handyman work.
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