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With our exclusive TimeLOCK guarantee, you get it in writing that if we don’t complete the project on time, we lose money daily over the deadline.

Basement Renovations

Your basement renovations can come to life in as little as four weeks from when the project starts.

A small basement (about 700 square feet) can take as little as four weeks from when the work starts.

and your investment would start somewhere in the $25,000 price point


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Kitchen Renovations

For minor kitchen repairs in your basement, you can go here. Your kitchen can come to life in as little as two weeks from start to finish. As for investment, you can get a new kitchen for as little as $13,000.

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Bathroom Renovations

For minor bathroom repairs in your basement, you can go here.

An 8 x 10 bathroom fully redone with a steel tub, tub surround (or stand up shower), toilet, vinyl flooring etc. can cost you about $8,000. The more that goes into the bathroom, the more of an uptick in investment

You can have a brand new bathroom in as little as 7 days from start to finish (Backed by our Exclusive TimeLOCK guarantee)

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Fences Winnipeg

Are you searching for “fencing Winnipeg”? You are in the right place for wood and vinyl fences!

Want to have a beautiful, private play area for the kids? Put up a fence. Is a neighbour too nosy? Put up a fence (additional deck and fence resources).

How about adding another piece to the overall aesthetic look of your yard? Put up a fence.

You know, your fence is not just there to keep people out. You can build one for privacy or just for the peace of mind knowing that when the kids go out to play, they are still safe within your space, you know?

Your fence can also be something with which to make a statement of your own space as it is one of the first things people see for the curb appeal either from the front or back of the house (or sides..whichever way it is that a person is looking).

Your new fence can be up in as little as 7 days from start to finish and the investment usually starts around $5,000

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Deck Builders Winnipeg

Looking for deck builders who will get your project done on time? You are in the right place…

Summertime is the season to maximize the warmth and sunlight, especially before those flakes come down. Almost everyone who has had a deck built has done so for one reason and one reason only: To enjoy the laughs, company of friends and lovers, and just the beautiful weather (as long as the wasps and mosquitoes don’t want to hang out too).

Now that we are hopefully on the same page about the use of the deck, there’s some small detail left to complete your vision. Play a movie in your head, and you are the star: You have people over or perhaps you see yourself alone, sitting there. What does that look like to you? Who do you see? What sounds do you here in your space of peace and joy? It is your deck. We will make your vision a reality…FAST!

Depending on your tastes, a basic deck can start around $3,500 and go up from there and can be completed in as little as one week

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Other Large Renovations

Whether its a new addition to the home or new drywall or several larger items, they are all backed by our Exclusive TimeLOCK guarantee (professionally built on time or you pay less)

Here’s a non exhaustive list:

  • Drywall
  • Additions
  • Gazebo
  • Flooring
  • Windows and doors
  • etc
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What Are Some Tips to Help
Make My Renovation
Go Smoothly?

– changes to the plumbing location usually mean that there is some additional reconfiguration.
– Be clear on your budget or at least a close budget range so you can better prepare yourself for what you are looking to accomplish.
– Expect there to be what appears to be some days of downtime. Usually, when a renovation requires permits, everyone has to wait for the city inspector to come and inspect it then pass that inspection before the project can progress.
– A large project sometimes has several moving parts from permits, inspections, different trades (painters, carpenters, electricians, plumbers). You want your remodelling contractor to know how to coordinate this and at the very least, keep you in the loop so that you’re not just sitting there wondering what’s going on.
– On the debate about drywall or ceiling tiles in a basement, consider this: if the ceiling of your basement has several things such as plumbing shut off valves and or heating vent adjusting mechanisms, you may want to consider going the ceiling tile route. What if you get a leak or something and you have drywall? Now, drywall usually ends up looking cleaner in that the visual is less busy.

– Speaking of tips, we have a FREE report created to show you all the steps that take place during your home renovation. With this report, you will be able to tell what stage the project is in and also you will know what to expect next.

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