Top 15 tools ever homeowner needs 

Whether your a first-time homeowner or a long-time homeowner.

You are now a homeowner. Congratulations by the way. You’ve made a transition into being in your own space: You can mostly do whatever you like and not have neighbours to complain about noise.

Ruler of your domain.

You can have as many guests sleep over and not have to get permission from an administrative office. Heck you can even make changes to any aspect of your home without needing anyone’s permission (except for permits but you’re not so much getting their permission as it’s a second eye for your safety).

You are in your domain and when it comes to your home, you are powerful. As stated in one of the famous lines from a Spider-man movie, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Did I get that right?

As you write the story of your life in this home, there will be times when you need to tweak little things here or make small repairs there. Its just one of those things with home ownership.

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Here are some tools that you as a new (really any) homeowner should consider having around for when you need it.

These tools are not some major power tools. They are just little things that you can probably store most of them to fit in one tool bag, and you’ll grab whatever you need when you need it.

Don’t forget to check out the article (uploaded soon) to help determine if this is something that you even want to do yourself. Regardless of if you want to tackle small repairs, there are some tools on this list that you will need period.

Already have most of the items on this list? No problem. Here’s an idea. How about for Christmas or as a housewarming gift, you can buy a homeowner in your life, these small items and package it nicely for them. Just a thought.

Let’s get started with your list Shall we?

Top 15 tools ever homeowner needs 

TOOL #1 – Screwdriver

Cabinet handles loosening, light switch plate replacing, needing to unscrew a light fixture to replace the bulb? There’s a tool for that.

With the screwdriver, your options for use are almost endless especially if you get a pair of those gadgety (yeah I know that’s not a word) ones with multiple interchangeable heads.

Have some Ikea furniture to put together, you would want to have one of these handy for sure.

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Top 15 tools ever homeowner needs 

TOOL #2 – The drill

This is one that you might want to consider adding to your tool bag for more efficiency.

You don’t need a really powerful one for commercial tradesmen who use it hundreds of times a week.

You need a small, simple one that you can use to expedite more of stuff that your manual screwdriver can do. Thing is though, that an electric (or battery operated) drill sometimes can be too much for certain setups.

I know that some Ikea setups specifically ask not to use one as it would wear out the fasteners too quickly. It is still a really good one to have though.

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Top 15 tools ever homeowner needs 

TOOL #3 – Tape measure

Looking to buy the right curtain sizes for your windows? Need to know if a certain piece of furniture you want to buy will fit through the doorway without gouging the wall? Enter the good ole’ tape measure.

It exists to measure distances from one point to another. Regardless of if you plan on doing any of the little things around the house yourself or not, this one tool is quite versatile in its use.

Your options are many on the size length you can buy. If you are going to buy one, you might as well consider buying one up to 30 feet long anyways.

The market for tools is ever changing and there are now laser tools for the interior that can measure from wall to wall in seconds as opposed to having to string the tape along your wall or floor and walk from one end to the next.

Check out your local home building supplies store for your options.

Don’t forget. Just keep it simple. You’re not trying to become a fully active renovator

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Top 15 tools ever homeowner needs 

TOOL #4 – Claw hammer

No i’m not talking about using it for what’s in the picture.

This one tool has two uses: Banging and prying.

The claw part of the hammer is often used for prying things open that are usually attached to the wall from nails to baseboards and such.

You simply slide the claw into as small a gap as you can between the surfaces and then leverage the curve of the claw to pry it loose. With a claw hammer, you can also pull out nails by just sliding the claw over the nail so that the nail head head is right in the middle of two claws then crank it along the curve of the claw to pull it out.

This is not a “how to” but more so what its used for.

The hammer part is for well…banging things from nails to lightly tapping something into place

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Top 15 tools ever homeowner needs 

TOOL #5 – Putty knife

This one I would say you need but not necessarily so. I say that because this tool is more for a homeowner who wants to do just a little more than the usual minor stuff.

This tool is used for applying drywall mud to cover little (or larger) dings and holes in the wall or ceiling. Depending on your comfort level, it might not be something you would be interested in using.

You might not be comfortable using this tool. Not to worry though, for very minor things like filling nail holes and such, this stuff is a breeze. You don’t need the titanium or steel grade ones.

For your application, a simple, plastic kind would work.

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Top 15 tools ever homeowner needs 

TOOL #6 – Paint brush

This tool is just for touch-ups. This is for your application.

You may sometimes need a little bit of precision in painting the edge of a wall where you do not want to excess paint to go on the other surface.

Don’t worry, this is not a secret spy mission. It’s not that hard. The angled end of the brush just helps you with edge painting better.

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Top 15 tools ever homeowner needs 

TOOL #7 – Adjustable wrench

This is for a higher novice homeowner as it’s used for tightening or loosening things. Applications  like hooking up washer and dryer hoses, tightening the bolts on your kids bicycle training wheels, that sort of thing.

You want to get an adjustable one rather than several sizes that take up more space. You’re not building a vehicle here. It’s just for the odd time you might need it during your time as a homeowner.

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Top 15 tools ever homeowner needs 

TOOL #8 – Extension cord

This one is something you need in your home for temporary uses. You don’t want to use an extension cord as a permanent solution for feeding power to a location that is far away from the main plug. Fire hazard.

The tool is actually one that most homeowners don’t know they need until when they need it. Usually by then you go to the building supplies store and they are out because….well everyone else needs it at the same time too.

Actually here’s a tip: When you are looking to buy most tools that can be used during the different seasons, its best to get them in the off-season because they are usually in short supply during the season.  You could also get them in the off season for a discount.

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Top 15 tools ever homeowner needs 

TOOL #9 – Basic hack saw

Now for your purposes, you want to get the most basic saw in your tool bag.

You’ll need it for when you have very minor projects that need cutting. Things like baseboards, heck even smaller tree branches and such.

Again, a basic hack saw is what you need.

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Top 15 tools ever homeowner needs 

TOOL #10 – Level

This tool should be a must. Whether you are hanging up new paintings or curtain rods, hopefully you can agree with me that you want it to look level.

Imagine walking into a room and having to tilt your head to the side trying to figure out if the painting was installed properly.

Yeah! a level is necessary. A 24-inch one is good enough for your uses.

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Top 15 tools ever homeowner needs 

TOOL #11 – Utility knife

This is sometimes also called an “exacto” knife. This is a good tool to have because you can use it not only during small repairs but imagine Christmas time when everyone is ready to open up their presents.

Okay bad analogy because you don’t want kids handling this stuff.

It is fairly sharp but if its you handling it (safe to assume you are an adult homeowner), then yeah this stuff can come in handy.

You want to get the kind that is retractable using a mechanism on the tool so that if its just laying there, it won’t cut someone by accident

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Top 15 tools ever homeowner needs 

TOOL #12 – Step ladder

This is also one that every homeowner would need as well.

Given that most ceilings are a minimum of 8 feet tall (noticed I said most), we all need a little of help to get up there to replace a light bulb or something right?

You could get one of your dining chairs I guess but do consider getting one.

Trust me that you will be changing light bulbs during your time as a homeowner.

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Top 15 tools ever homeowner needs 

TOOL #13 – Plunger

I know. Not pleasant. Don’t really want to talk about this, but hey its something you need in each of your bathrooms with a toilet.

Sometimes you will simply have a clog and with this cheap tool, you can solve it.

You also do have the alternative of calling a plumber out and spending a hundred dollars or more for something that won’t take you 10 minutes (if its not too bad).

This is not to mention that you’ d have to look the guy in the eye and explain how it might have gotten clogged (he will need some information in order to address the issue). I did say its not pleasant.

Oh and one more thing: Wet wipes are not flush able I don’t care what the label says. More on that another time.

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Top 15 tools ever homeowner needs 

TOOL #14 – Allen key set

This is an often overlooked tool to have in your bag. Many furniture assemblies and home accessories these days come in pieces to make it easier for transport  from the store.

You ideally want to get the kind with multiple heads attached just to keep it simple for yourself.

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Top 15 tools ever homeowner needs 

TOOL #15 – Flashlight

Well a flashlight helps you see into dark spaces.

Doesn’t have to be that there’s a complete loss of power in your home. There could be one room with a burned out bulb or certain parts of the home that just to get enough light.

Whatever the situation, having one handy gives you very focused light in a very small area.

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When you’re looking to get these tools in your home, don’t go crazy buying the most state-of-the art tool as a homeowner.

Also don’t let yourself freeze up when you get to the aisle at the building supplies store (Sometimes too many options in front of you can just make it unnecessarily harder. Ask me how I know).

You want to keep it really simple because you shouldn’t need to use them often. For example: for a construction level, you don’t need one that also has a magnet and a laser component attached to it.

If the work ends up being more than you wish to (or have the time to) handle, then make sure you are fully in the know before hiring a renovation contractor.


As you create stories in your space, let one of the stories be that you were prepared when you had to deal with something that popped up and not a story like, “I went up to hang the curtains and when I turned back, Liz was snickering then I went to her and looked at the curtain from afar, and it was crazy slanted.”

Remember, It is Your House, Your Choice.


Don’t forget to share this with a homeowner in your life who would benefit from the information here.

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